Finding flaws in software and web sites.

When you develop a new piece of software or an internet web site, it is necessary to determine, as much as possible, that it is bug free. This is an inherently tough problem, because it involves trying to prove a negative statement.

Proving a negative is inherently impossible. For example, it is impossible to prove conclusively that the "tooth fairy" does not exist. Since you can't search everywhere at once, no matter how hard you search someone can always argue that she may be hiding in a different city or country.

Software verification testing also involves trying to prove a negative: that there are no flaws in a particular piece of software.

Using unclassified but proprietary techniques, TEMPEST INC.'s skilled, motivated and cleared professionals have repeatedly found serious flaws that others have missed.

No one can prove a negative, so after your software has gone through a lengthy, expensive series of formal tests, call us. You may be surprised at what we find.

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