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Fundamentals of TEMPEST Security.

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A two day course
Classified SECRET, US Citizens Only
Location: Northern Virginia

TEMPEST is a sophisticated and seemingly mysterious area. Requirements have changed as the technology has matured. This course uses the national TEMPEST specifications, including signal analysis and threat assessment documents, to provide an overview of the various TEMPEST phenomena, the threats they represent, and the ways to address these threats. The course incldes an overview of the TEMPEST design and manufacturing process and practical advice on the selection of TEMPEST products and control measures.

This intensive course provides a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of TEMPEST and associated electromagnetic phenomena, including theory, requirements, design, testing and associated documentation. Students will possess the knowledge necessary to make rational and intelligent decisions about TEMPEST related matters and to direct programs involving TEMPEST requirements.

NEW: TEMPEST and cybersecurity.
This updated course discusses the additional threats that TEMPEST phenomena now pose to cybersecurity. Because of its classified nature, this topic is deliberately overlooked by most cybersecurity courses. Hear what an experienced TEMPEST engineer with extensive cybersecurity training has to say about this important topic.

This course is technical in nature, but extensive engineering education or experience is not required. Anyone in government or industry whose responsibilities involve TEMPEST or Communications Security can benefit.