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Aural Nondetectability Testing:

TEMPEST INC. provides fast, expert service in the field of Aural Nondetectability Testing in accordance with MIL-STD-1463D with notice 1.

Aural Nondetectability Testing requires special equipment and expertise that is not normally available at most testing laboratories. At TEMPEST INC., we have been performing Aural Nondetectability Testing since 2001. All of our Aural Nondetectability Testing is performed by a certifed electromagnetic compatibility engineer with a Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering, who is also licensed as a hearing aid specialist by the state of Virginia. Virginia is known in this field for its uusually rigorous requirements. Licensing in Virginia is solid evidence of both theoretical knowledge and practical expertise in the field of acoustics, which is essential for Aural Nondetectability Testing.

While no laboratory can guarantee that your products will pass the Aural Nondetectability Testing on the first try, we are well-equipped to eliminate discrepancies quickly and economically. For unusual expertise in Aural Nondetectability Testing, call us. (703) 836-7378.

Notes on Aural Nondetectability Testing:
Aural Nondetectability Testing involves estimating the distance at which acoustic emissions ( i.e. sounds)produced by a device will no longer be detectable. Aural Nondetectability Testing can also be described as acoustic emissions testing, aural detectability testing, or simply as acoustic testing. Aural Nondetectability Testing requires special facilities, equipment and expertise, but Aural Nondetectability Testing is usually unclassified. The techniquesused to identify and eliminate deficiencies that are uncovered in Aural Nondetectability Testing can be similar to those used in the elimination of Electromagnetic interference reduction, but the materials, instruments and faclities used in Aural Nondetectability Testing are substantially different.