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We offer our TEMPEST-secure products, such as this one, only to the United States Government and its Contractors. Foreign sales must have the prior approval of the Office of Defense Trade Controls of the U.S. Department of State.

*** Model 0209 RED / BLACK TEMPEST-Secure Video Switching Unit ***

[Photo of front panel, light tan color, Approximately 19 inches wide, 7 1/2 inches high with rack mounting ears and handles. Color: desert tan. connectors labled "IN" and "OUT" at left and right sides, with a fuse holder and push buttons power switch in the lower right, and a special, aircraft quality on-off switch in the center. The switch has a special red cover to prevent accidental actuation. The two positions of the switch are clearly labeled "UNCLASSIFIED" and "Secure." Name, model, serial number along upper edge,"TEMPEST INC. Herndon Virginia" on lower edge. . This is a description, not a specification.]

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Used by senior military and intelligence officials of the United States, The TEMPEST INC. model 0209 Secure Video Switching Unit provides positive RED/BLACK separation of 75 Ohm composite video signals.

It complies with all applicable RED / BLACK isolation requirements of the United States.

A typical application for the 0209 would be in a secure conference room that occasionally needs to display a commercial news channel.

To prevent classified data from inadvertently being coupled out on the commercial cable, the model 0209 provides a simple, reliable means of positively disconnecting while maintaining excellent video quality.

When operated in the SECURE position, the 0209 is unconditionally guaranteed to pass no voice, video, or digital signals in the reverse (output to input) direction, regardless of the techniques that may be used to detect them. This guarantee applies to all such signals currently used by commercially available computers, video display systems, telephone systems, and video teleconferencing systems.

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Our TEMPEST-secure products and TEMPEST engineering services are only available to the US Government and its contractors. others require US Government approval in advance.

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