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Shielded Room Testing.
(Shielding Effectiveness Testing.)

A two day course
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At first glance, shielded room tests seem to be fairly simple. This is not so. Consider the following:

The testing environment is most often that of a construction site; A shielded room rarely passes the first time, and the tester is often called upon to help locate and fix "leaks." The testing presents certain hazards to the testers and to their instruments. The intense electromagnetic fields that are generated can lead to blindness or stop a pacemaker. This course fills a long-standing and unfilled need in the shielding industry: formal training for the engineers and technicians that test shielded rooms.

This course covers the technical and safety procedures involved in testing shielded rooms. It reviews the most widely used testing standards, along with the advantages and drawbacks of each. Using the shielded room of a working Electromagnetic Compatibility testing laboratory, it presents practical techniques for locating and eliminating electromagnetic leaks. It provides practical advice on the selection of test equipment, and on its care and protection on a construction site. Participants will gain the ability to test shielded rooms, locate leaks and fix them. They will gain the knowledge necessary to make rational and intelligent decisions regarding the selection and care of test equipment to be used in testing electromagnetically shielded rooms.

This course is technical in nature, but no extensive technical training or experience is required. Anyone in government or industry whose responsibilities involve the design, selection, acquisition, construction, testing, or management of shielded rooms can benefit from this practical, hands-on course.

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Continuing Education Units: 4
( 2 for attending lectures, 2 for participation in lab work. )
Equivalent to 40 Professional Development Hours (PDH) per Pennsylvania Engineering Act 25 CE section 4.2